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Board of Directors

Uzziel Pecina
University of Missouri - Kansas City


Shelton Smith
Chairman of the Board

Missouri Baptist University

Kim Finch
Missouri State University


Jim Kern, Executive Director

Lincoln University


Mick Arnold
Southwest Baptist University


Charles P. Gause
Southeast Missouri State University


Carol Maher
University of Missouri - Columbia


Nate Quinn
Missouri State University

Doug Thomas

University of Central Missouri


Paul Watkins
Southeast Missouri State University


Graham Weir
Lindenwood University


Jody Wood
St. Louis University


DESE Liaison
Paul Katnik

Leadership Academy Supervisor


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MoSPE Stakeholders Work Group

The Missouri Standards for Teacher Education Programs (MoSTEP) was implemented in the fall 1999 with some slight revisions in the fall of 2006.  As you well know, educational practices have changed and so must the standards that define our preparation programs for educators.  The first step in moving this work forward was the development of the Missouri Teacher Standards and the Missouri Leadership Standards.  The Missouri Teacher Standards have finished a statewide review process; the Missouri Leadership Standards have been approved to be “Opened for Comment” by the Missouri State Board of Education. 

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